C-130A "Roman Nose"


The Forgotten C-130A "Roman Nose"

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules was a tactical combat transport that first saw flight in 1954! The initial C-130A production model was powered by four Allison T56-A-11/9 turboprop engines. A total of 219 C-130A models were ordered and deliveries to the USAF began in Dec. 1956.

Amazingly the C-130 Hercules still flies today and is still being built! But many people today forget the C-130 was a 1950's design that first started service in the mid-1950's.

Even more interesting and more forgotten today is that the first production run of the C-130 was quite different in appearance then the C-130's we are so used to seeing today. The first production models, the C-130A's had blunt noses (without the radome nose). This nose arrangement on the early model C-130's is known today as the "Roman Nose". The C-130 "Roman Nose" Hercules were the first models to see service. The Roman Nose C-130A's are definitely different looking and give the early C-130's a distinct look. Eventually most of the C-130A models would be converted with that black radome nose like we see all the other C-130 Hercules models have today.

The C-130A "Roman Nose" is a forgotten aircraft type today. Sadly, only 1 "Roman Nose" C-130 has been known to survived recently. But that aircraft may have been scrapped around 2010. If anyone knows of any other Roman Nose C-130's that might survive please let us know!

-Photo Credit: Nathan Milarta
-Historical Research from the former us-aircraft.com website historians.

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