Revell/Monogram F-86D Sabre Dog Model Kit

f-86 f-86d f86 model kit

An oldie but a Goodie, A Nostolgia Model Kit: The Monogram/Revell F-86D Sabre Dog.


There are some model kits that give you the feeling of Nostolgia. Some kits that bring you back to when you were a child, when you first started to build your first plastic scale airplane models, you probably started out like most modelers; building old Monogram and Revell model kits. Not just because those kits were prolific, but also because they were priced right!  Face it, our first attraction to a model kit is the box art. An attractive painting of a strikingly attractive aircraft darting through the sky, full of fascinating colors, and side box art giving us a glimpse of what the model airplane looks like finished, giving us hope and expectations to build it just like what is on the box art.

There have been many model kit companies and many airplane model kits that have graced the market to our enjoyment throughout the years. The selection of airplane model kits is vast, some model kit brands offer extensive and highly detailed parts giving you a miniature model as accurate as to the real thing. Through the years airplane model kits have become more advanced and have catered to the experienced model builder who wants to build a model as accurately close to the real thing as possible. Some model kit companies cater to the youthfulness in us and I think that's where the Monogram and Revell airplane model kits come into play. Although Monogram is defunct now and was bought out by Revell USA, Revell has branded and re-released many of the old Monogram kits throughout the years-giving us a chance to rebuild some of our fondest airplane model kits that we used to build as a child.

One Revell/Monogram model kit has always stuck in my mind as one of the all-time great model airplane kits ever made. Not just for its attractive subject, but also for the Nostolgia that this kit really brings to the table.  It's also a VERY fun model kit to put together. I am talking about the Revell/Monogram F-86D Sabre Dog model kit. While other model kits focus on more popular aircraft types, it's a bit odd that the F-86D Sabre Dog, a forgotten aircraft type of the Cold War, has become one of the most popular airplane model kits ever produced by Revell/Monogram.  


The Revell/Monogram F-86D Sabre Dog model kit is one of the best model kits by Revell/Monogram! The model kit first came out over 20 years ago, an outgrowth from Monograms F-86F model kit. The kit is just an all-around great model kit, it goes together very easily, the fit is good and trouble free, the amount of colorful markings you can get aftermarket for the F-86D Sabre Dog is vast and adds to the attractiveness of this model kit. I personally have built this model before and I have to say it was an extremely fun and simple build and I never had any issues putting it together. I would have to add that the model was easy and quick to build, all the parts just fit perfectly without any hassle. Really, the biggest hassle to the Revell/Monogram F-86D model kit was trying to figure out what markings I wanted to put on my model! The Revell F-86D Sabre Dog model kit brings out the kid in me, the youthfulness and Nostolgia of building an older model kit design that somehow still beats out the newer "advanced" kits of today is amazing! In all honesty the now just Revell F-86D Sabre Dog is a refreshing kit to build, perhaps even a stress reliever in some ways. The Revell F-86D Sabre Dog has been a very popular kit with modelers.


Throughout the years the Revell/Monogram F-86D Sabre Dog has come and go in re-releases and as of recently sometimes I wonder if it's ever going to come back.  Just a year ago I had asked the modeling community what their thoughts were on the Revell F-86D Sabre Dog Kit and everyone always had great positive things to say about it.  As I write this it's been since 2014 since the last re-release of this model kit.

But great news ahead for 2022!  Revell has decided to bring out this model kit again in a new box and I am extremely happy to see it come out again in re-release form. I expect it to be a popular hit, and I am extremely happy this model kit is still going strong after all these years. I plan to buy more of these F-86D model kits and build them, as they are fun to build and they bring the young youthful modeler back into my soul. I highly suggest everyone get yourself a few Revell F-86D Sabre Dogs model kits and add them to your stash or modeling bench, they are well worth the investment and definitely worth your enjoyment!

Thank you for reading, help keep aviation history alive!
Cheers, Nathan Milarta 2022.

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