Latest News

10/5/22: Just a quick note:  All our products are new and pre-owned items straight from a distributor.  We currently do not sell used items.  Thanks for the support and have a good day!

9/14/22: Just a reminder, we do not except orders that are flagged suspicious activity/fraudulent.  This may include a Paypal issued warning if the party has paid by Paypal.  Orders will be cancelled, and the money returned/refunded, and an email sent to the original buyer.  Be sure to have your payment info match your street address.  Thank you!

8/23/22: Our Shipping Rates have lowered.  Check out our new products!  Price drop on Airplane posters and bumper stickers!

6/29/22 Flash Sales have ended for now. But FREE SHIPPING on all products.  Offer ends July 31st, 2022.

6/23/22 I have been making some changes to the store.  More changes are ongoing for the next couple of weeks.  Also, I plan to offer FREE shipping on all products starting July for one month.

5/21/22: We except mail in orders!  All mail in orders get a 10% off total order!  Please, contact us about what you want.  Pay by check or money order!


False Orders: 

We have been getting fraud orders lately.  Our up-to-date software flags these risky orders for potential fraud.  Please Note: Any orders that is flagged as a high risk will be cancelled and an email sent out to the order holder.  Best way to avoid your order from being flagged is to be sure your billing address matches your card info.

Shipping rates:

Shipping rates keep going up. We are very sorry about this.  Note:  USPS now charges more for larger packages.

Flash Sales:

Keep an eye open on our homepage for Flash Sales!