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SFA4805 1/48 Scale Grumman F8F-1 Bearcats USN Service Decals

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  • SFA4805 Starfighter Decals 1/48 scale decals for F8F-1 Bearcats USN Service.
  • For 1/48 scale plastic model kits of the F8F-1 Bearcat.
  • High quality thin decals for easy placement.
  • Features 3 different decal options for F8F-1 Bearcats in United States Navy livery. 
  • The Grumman F8F Bearcat was the U.S. Navy's fastest piston driven fighter in mass service.  The F8F Bearcat also saw service with the U.S. Marines and eventually 24 squadrons would be equipped with the Bearcat. It entered too late to see service in World War 2.  But saw extensive post war use and even saw some minor service in the Korean War.  The F8F Bearcat also saw service with French Services and served during the French-Indochina War from 1946 till 1954 when 200 Bearcats were delivered to the French forces for use.  The F8F Bearcat was an extremely powerful and fast Naval fighter.  Many F8F Bearcats still flying today with museums and private collections.  
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