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ACY12487 Academy 1/72 Scale PBY-5A "Black Cat" Plastic Model Kit.

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  • ACY12487 Academy 1/72 scale PBY-5A "Black Cat" Catalina Plastic model kit.
  • The Consolidated PBY Catalina was a Navy Patrol Bomber, that saw service from 1935 till 1957!  Many versions were built of the Catalina, including Canada built versions.  The PBY was a warplane that truly helped win the war in World War 2, it was used for patrol, anti-submarine bomber, patrol bomber, and rescue aircraft.  The PBY was able to land in the water and because of this the PBY rescued many downed airmen and shipmates, bringing them back home.  The Slow and low PBY Catalina was a true starlight of the Second World War!  The PBY still saw U.S. Navy service up until 1957!  Many PBY's still fly today with museums and private collections.
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  • This ACY12487 Academy 1/72 Scale PBY-5A "Black Cat" Plastic Model Kit lets you create a highly detailed PBY-5A aircraft model. This high-quality kit includes all the parts you need for authentic representation and comes with realistic decals for accurate markings. Put your skills to the test and create a model with precision detail.


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