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Life Color Paint Set: Camouflage U.S. Olive Drab Paint Set.

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LFC-CS11 Lifecolor Paint set: U.S. Olive Drab Paint Set.

Water soluble acrylic colors for modelling and hobby. Life Color is excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing on plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic.  Bulk paint set.

  • This model paint set includes:
  • UA 219 Lusterless Olive Drab FS 33070 (Body color up to 1943)
  • UA 220 Lusterless Olive Drab 319 (Body color 1944-1945)
  • UA 221 Khaki Olive Drab FS 34088 approx. (Body color 1944-1945)
  • UA 222 Olive Drab FS 34088 (Body color up to 1950)
  • UA 223 Olive Drab Faded Type 1
  • UA 224 Olive Drab Faded Type 2
  • Please note: Federal Standard Code FS 34087 had been changed to code FS 34088.

This set is particularly useful for scale models of:
U.S. Tanks Olive Drab