About Us

We enjoy the forgotten warbirds of the past! All vintage military aircraft are unique, have character, and are awesome to see fly! Sadly, there are many types we will never get to see fly again. That is why we are selling warbird merchandise, because we want to remember these awesome aircraft and keep their memory alive!   

Founded by airplane geek and historian Nathan Milarta in 2020, Warbird Bunker Trading Company LLC's main goal is to help save aviation history through the sales of interesting and historical aircraft merchandise.  We want our in-house USA made airplane shirts, warplane t-shirts, warbird shirts, and airplane coffee mugs to spark conversations.  We support USA Made products and also, we support helping Children with cancer.  Supporting Warbird Bunker helps support others!  A Win-win for everyone.  Thank you for the support!!  

  • To Make fun and interesting airplane T-Shirts, apparel and other airplane and history related merchandise.
  • To Support Aviation History, USA Made, Americana, and Children with Cancer.
  • To take percentage of sales and donate to causes of saving aviation history and to helping children with cancer.
  • To keep the majority of our products USA Made.
  • Keeping aviation History alive through our sales and advertising.
  • To make apparel for museums, organizations, youtube personalities, and other businesses and hobbies. 
  • To eventually make this site a one stop shop for anything airplane.
  • To Have fun!!

airplane store Warbird Bunker Trading Company LLC was founded in 2021 by airplane geek, Nathan Milarta.  I'm a big airplane buff, airplane history geek, and aircraft enthusiast.  My areas of interest are World War 2 and Cold War History.  I love to see history and aviation history saved. 

I started Warbird Bunker Trading Company LLC as a goal and dream to make a living with my passion of airplanes, as well as to help save aviation history through the sales of interesting airplane merchandise. 

I strive to have most of our products made in the USA , as well as supporting children with cancer.  Children are precious and no child deserves cancer.   Also, when you buy from Warbird Bunker it helps saves aviation history as I will donate percentage of sales to different aviation museums and aircraft projects. 

Please help support my endeavors as it means a lot to me.  I want to provide a one stop shop online store where you can buy cool and interesting historic merchandise.  Thank you to everyone for the support!!!  

From an airplane geek to you, thank you for checking out my online store!!!!

Lots of Love,

Nathan Milarta (owner)


Pam Tuttle:

Pam is an avid hunter and outdoors lady.  She loves history and airplanes. She helps out part time at the Warbird Bunker shop.  She also hand makes and builds various items for Warbird Bunker.  She also helps display some of our custom T-Shirts!

Chris Sheppard:

Chris does some design work for us.  He is an amazing Graphic Design artist.  When he is not working on art, he is busy working on bicycles.  His love of aviation comes from his dad being a B-29 crewmember.  If you need some design art done, please visit his facebook page at Shepartstudio.