FAQ Page / How We Do Things: 

Our Hours of Operations:

-Monday Through Saturday 7am to 3pm.

-We are a small one-person operation. Email us at warbirdbunkertc@yahoo.com for any questions or concerns. 


-Your order is automatically billed after confirming checkout and payment is captured.

-The State of Pennsylvania requires us to collect 6% Sales Tax on all taxable goods.

-All Payments Are Safe and Secure.

-We do not share personal data with anyone or third parties.

-All payment methods we accept can be found at the bottom of our website on each page. 

-We do except private orders. Just email/contact us.   Pay by check or money order.  Or you can pay by Paypal privately by our email address.

-The most popular payment method is by Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.

-We do not except Amazon Pay.


-We ship 1 to 2 business days.

-Most Orders take 3 to 4 business days for arrival. 

-All items are packaged with high quality boxes, tape, and packaging material.

-All items are shipped via USPS or UPS standard shipping. 

-We currently only sell and ship within the United States.

-14-day return policy at time of order.  We will refund payment in full for damaged or lost goods.  Please email us with details and we will help you with full corporation.

-All packages will be given a Tracking Number. All orders will receive an automatic email with tracking number.  Tracking Number is supplied once the order has been fulfilled by us.


-Our place of business is clean, organized, and sanitized daily. 

-Our business hours are generally from 5am till 5pm, 7 days a week. We do work off hours to receive and package orders. 

-We are only an online ecommerce store.  We do not have a storefront.

-All our products are new items/products straight from a distributor. 

-All Products are stored in a clean and dry environment. 

-We produce a few products which will be specified in product descriptions. 

-All prices, pictures and descriptions and sales on this site are subject to change without any prior notice.

-We do not sell damaged goods. 

-Some items might arrive with cosmetic wear due to shipment and delivery.  

-Warbird bunker Trading Company LLC maintains no responsibility for inadvertent or typographical errors. In the event of an error, we reserve the right to cancel or refuse orders at our sole discretion.

Customer Service

-If you have a customer service issue, please email us at warbirdbunkertc@yahoo.com.  Please be sure to tell us: your Name, Email Address, Order Number, Item/SKU you are contacting us about; and the what the Question/Issue/Problem/Etc with this item (please be specific and include any relevant pictures if possible).

-All emails will be answered within one or two business day. 

-All sales are considered final and will be packaged and shipped.

-We strive to keep everything simple and straightforward. 

-We do not have any minimum order requirements.